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January 8, 2009 — Ortery PhotoCapture 360

Ortery LogoOrtery Technologies launches the PhotoCapture 360 Series so businesses can create their own professional 360-degree product animations, in-house.  Ortery PhotoCapture 360360-degree product animations in Flash format have been popping up all over the Web. They give website visitors the ability to view a product from multiple angles by simply clicking and dragging an image left and right.Each integrated system consists of a programmable turntable and system control software.A compatible digital camera and the turntable connect to a PC via USB and the PhotoCapture 360 software synchronizes turntable movement, camera settings and picture taking to automatically capture between 4 and 200 pictures per rotation.--(248)

January 7, 2008 — Small item photo solution

Imagine walking up to a new office device, placing an object inside, and seconds later walking away with a professional photo for immediate use in all print, web and email communications. Taking its name from "facsimile", Photosimile 5000 is the next generation imaging device for the office.--(121)

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